Senior Living Options at Echo Lake

We know from experience that purposeful movement is essential to good health, so we work with you to keep your wellness goals in sight. With a multitude of fitness opportunities that accommodate all interests and abilities, maintaining and improving mobility has never been easier or more fun. Our signature ‘Move for Life’ program improves strength, balance and flexibility — key components for aging well.

Living life on your own terms shouldn’t stop when you need care. We designed our inclusive, supportive care system to meet your needs for aging in place. You can feel secure knowing that, should your care needs change, your community doesn’t have to.

Independent Living

Sell the snowblower. Ditch the lawnmower. Here, the living is easy, and everything you want is within reach. Our unparalleled facilities, highly trained staff, well-appointed residences and housekeeping and maintenance are second to none. It’s all designed to give you the freedom to pursue the active lifestyle you enjoy.

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Assisted living

Sometimes even active seniors need a hand to keep them going strong on their journey. Assisted living at Echo Lake connects you to the appropriate level of care to help you stay well. It’s the power of support.

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Memory care

We approach memory care holistically and tailor it to your loved one’s needs. Just as important: Knowing your loved one can still enjoy times of happiness, we do all we can to help create those moments. It’s the power of celebrating life.

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Respite & restorative stays

Return to the best of who you are after rehab or a medical treatment. Here, you’ll feel refreshed. Here, you can refocus on the life you love. And for caregivers who also need to care for themselves, respite care offers their loved one a safe, nurturing environment. That’s the power of recovery and rest

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