Resources for Families

  1. Resources for Families

    Experiencing Caregiver Burnout? Respite Care Can Help.

    Caring for your loved one so they can continue living in their home is a selfless and compassionate decision. As a caregiver, you may feel that it’s best for…
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  2. Resources for Families

    Signs It’s Time for Assisted Living

    Everyone wants to live as independently as possible. As we get older, that desire doesn’t go away – but it can become difficult to live completely…
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  3. Resources for Families

    Aging Together: Assisted Living for Couples

    There is no greater joy than spending your life with the one you love. As you age, however, what happens when care needs begin to increase and one of you needs…
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  4. Resources for Families

    How To Communicate With Someone With Dementia

    Experiencing memory loss is difficult and overwhelming for both the person with dementia as well as their loved ones. Dementia comes in many forms, including…
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  5. Resources for Families

    Decorating Ideas To Make Your Senior Living Apartment Feel Like Home

    Moving to a senior living community can come with changes, but you don’t have to sacrifice the comfortable, at-home feel you currently have. At Artisan at…
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  6. Resources for Families

    Checklist for Moving Into a Senior Living Community

    Moving into a senior living community can be an exciting life transition, but it can also be stressful for seniors and their families. Researching communities,…
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  7. Resources for Families

    Tips For Seniors To Fight Fatigue And Increase Energy

    Fatigue and energy loss can be discouraging for everyone, especially seniors. It’s like walking up a steep hill: energy quickly dissipates while the…
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  8. Resources for Families

    The Newest Wave of Health Apps for Seniors

    With the rise of digital health tools, it’s easier than ever for seniors to stay up-to-date on their health. Utilizing a few of the best health apps for…
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  9. Resources for Families

    Are You Taking Your Antibiotics the Right Way?

    As we age, our bodies become more prone to infections and illnesses. And while antibiotics have greatly improved our ability to fight off difficult-to-treat…
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  10. Resources for Families

    New Year Health Tips for Seniors to Stay Fit & Active

    The holidays can bring joy and excitement to everyone, especially seniors who get to spend quality time with family and friends. However, as we all know, the…
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