Eyeglasses and Masks: A Foggy Combination

Healthcare experts agree, wearing masks while in public greatly reduces the spread of Covid-19. But, if you wear eyeglasses, that can be a foggy experience. As soon as you exhale, visibility gets murky.There are a couple of easy hacks you can employ to keep your view crystal clear.

Use a tissue. Fold a tissue and place it between the mask and your nose and mouth. It will absorb the moist exhalation and keep it from clouding your lenses. Alternately, place the folded tissue over the top of the mask, where it meets your glasses, to absorb the moisture before it escapes to fog your lenses.

Try shaving cream – an old trick that works on everything from mirrors to windshields to glasses. Shaving cream creates a barrier that protects glass from fogging up. Just put a dab of it on your lenses. Let it sit for a minute, then gently polish with a soft cloth. Note: if you think your lenses have any kind of coating that could be damaged by shaving cream, check with your optician before trying this one. Alternately, you can find online special anti-fog products created for this purpose.At SageLife communities, we’re staying social while social distancing by exercising considerate, common-sense prevention measures like hand washing, staying 6′ or more apart, wearing masks when with people outside our households, and sanitizing surfaces.Contact us to learn more about how our residents maintain an engaged lifestyle in the ‘age of coronavirus’.