Smart Tips for Seniors Travelling

Planning to hit the open road? Or maybe fly overseas? For seniors travelling, a bit of advanced planning and know-how will make the trip easier. Take full advantage of the joys of travel at any age. Let’s find out more.

Plan Ahead

Any trip requires a good plan, but for older adults it’s essential. For example, if travelling by car, make sure you schedule plenty of time for rest stops. If the distance is long, consider checking into a hotel midway so everybody gets restful sleep.

If you’re travelling by air, call the airport ahead of time to arrange adequate transport (shuttles, etc.). Also, get a doctor’s statement if you have an artificial joint or other metal implant in your body. This will be necessary when you pass through security checkpoints. Finally, plan on arriving at the airport three hours before your flight time for domestic flights and four hours before your flight time for international travel.


Not only do you want to make sure you bring enough medications, but you should also have a written list on hand. If you lose your medication, you might not remember all the names and dosages by memory. When flying, make sure medications are carried on and not checked with luggage.Traveling overseas? Compile a list of the names of your medications in the language of the country you plan to visit. Also, ask your doctor about any other instructions you should take into account when travelling.

Health & Traveller’s Insurance

Verify that your health insurance is up to date, and bring the documents. Check out how your insurance handles travel health issues, especially outside of the country. Also consider traveller’s insurance. If something comes up and you can’t travel, traveller’s insurance can provide you with a refund.

Move It

No matter how you travel, make sure you take frequent breaks to stretch out. Sitting for long periods of time increases the risk for blood clots in the legs. If you have trouble with leg swelling, your doctor can prescribe compression stockings for you. When on the road, don’t hesitate to pull over at a safe spot every hour or so to walk around. Likewise, when you fly don’t hesitate to make use of the aisle.


Besides having all identification, passports, and travel documents on hand, it pays to think through where you’ll carry it all. Purses and wallets can get lost or stolen. A travel pouch that hangs from the neck or fastens around the waist could be a good idea if the items are not too cumbersome.

Call Ahead

No matter what your destination, call ahead and make special arrangements. If a wheelchair or walker is needed, find out about handicapped access. Does the hotel have an elevator? How about an entrance ramp? What about grab bars in the shower? These may seem like small details now, but at the end of a day of sightseeing, they could make a big difference.

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