Plush Mills Resources

  1. Press & News

    Plush Mills Recognized Among the “Best of Delco 2023”

    The Delaware County Daily Times recognizes Plush Mills as one of the "Best in Delco 2023!"
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  2. Events

    Red, White & You

    Thursday, October 19, from 3 to 5 p.m. Uncork your curiosity and learn more about wine. Explore the taste and personality of wine, hosted by our community wine…
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  3. Resources for Families

    Cold & Flu Prevention Tips for Seniors

    Cold and flu season is here, and everyone should take certain measures to remain healthy. Seniors, in particular, are more susceptible to these illnesses and…
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  4. Resources for Families

    Top Health Issues In Senior Women + How To Reduce Your Risk

    Picture a woman in her 60s leading a busy and active life. While she may be enjoying her golden years, it’s important that she also prioritizes her…
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  5. Press & News

    Considering A Senior Living Community: Signs That It’s Time

    You may have heard the familiar statement about time speeding up the older you get. Of course, time doesn’t really go any faster; it just seems that way. One…
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  6. Press & News

    Understanding The True Cost Of Homeownership

    As people reach their senior years, they start reflecting on what their future might look like. Where to live as they grow older is a big consideration. There…
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  7. Press & News

    How To Fact Check And Protect Yourself From Misinformation Online

    The Internet provides a wealth of information day or night and enables easy communication and sharing. Today, even traditional printed newspapers and…
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  8. Press & News

    The Health Benefits Of Fidgeting

    Fidgeting means many things to different people, but in general, it is characterized by making repetitive, small movements with the hands or feet. Although…
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  9. Press & News

    Not All Heroes Wear Capes

    Congratulations to all the honorees fêted at Main Line Today’s ‘Healthcare Heroes’ reception at the Desmond in Malvern.  Kelly Andress,…
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  10. Press & News

    A Primer On Driving Apps

    Remember the old paper maps, or the AAA trip packages with the recommended route highlighted in yellow? They worked great, as long as there were no missed…
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