How Couples Can Find The Best Senior Living Community

Finding the right senior living community for one person can be challenging enough, so it can be especially difficult to find a community that offers the right services and amenities for couples. There are many considerations for finding a community where a couple can “age in place”, especially if one spouse has more intensive healthcare needs. Here are some things to consider when looking for the best senior living community for couples.

Take a Healthcare Inventory 

Before touring new communities, it’s important that both spouses take an objective inventory of their healthcare needs and also try to anticipate future needs. One person may have a chronic condition or an illness that requires regular doctor visits, while another spouse may have mobility limitations. An ideal community is one that can accommodate the specific healthcare needs of both spouses and also offer them the opportunity to age in place together, even if one spouse’s health issues decline further.

Create Individual and Collective Wish Lists 

Beyond healthcare requirements, spouses may be looking for different things from a senior living community. It’s important to acknowledge this and to give careful thought to identifying things that are most important to both spouses. For example, one spouse may crave social interaction with a wider group of people while another may value access to a cozy library. One may have mobility issues and need assistance with daily tasks, while the other may be interested in taking fitness classes or outdoor walks.

Prepare for a New Space 

Moving from a home to a senior living community can be a big adjustment for any person, but especially for a couple. Many communities are geared towards single people and offer one-room apartments or bedrooms that may feel a bit tight for a couple. Finding a community with spacious rooms or two-bedroom apartments may be a good option for a couple. Many senior living communities have fabulous on-site amenities like a theater, a studio, a pub or a library. Having ready access to well-appointed community spaces expands your living space.

Evaluate the Financial Implications 

When evaluating senior living communities, it’s important to consider finances both as a couple and also separately and plan accordingly. Even if both spouses are currently able to stay in an independent living community, it can be helpful to anticipate future healthcare needs and what associated additional costs might look like. As you visit communities, ask how pricing works for spouses that require different levels of care. In some communities, if one spouse requires and pays for a higher level of care, the other spouse may be able to pay for just housing and meals. 

The Plush Mills lifestyle offers couples an alternative to cookie-cutter senior housing and the opportunities to age in place together. We believe you should not have to prioritize the care of one spouse over that of another. Schedule a tour today to learn more about the many amenities and the customizable healthcare options at Plush Mills.