Senior Living Options at The 501 Mattison Estate

At The 501, we believe aging beautifully means living life on your own terms. That’s why we offer a rental model that adapts to your needs and aspirations. Here’s what sets our SageLife community apart:

  • Maintain your independence: we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Your care plan evolves with you, ensuring you receive the right support whenever you need it and want it.
  • Empowering environment: we foster a community that encourages engagement, personal growth, and a sense of belonging. We put you in charge of your journey.
  • Modern community: step inside and discover the rich details — from the expansive outdoor courtyards to the luxurious Lindenwold dining room.

Our dedicated team collaborates with you and your loved ones to create a personalized wellness plan that respects your independence and supports your unique needs. Whether you’re thriving in independent living, seeking supportive care in assisted living, navigating the journey with memory care or requiring rehabilitative therapy during a short-term stay, rest assured knowing you’ll receive compassionate support in a warm and welcoming setting.

The 501 - 2BR - Living
Independent living

At The 501, leave the mundane behind and step into a world where your passions, not chores, take center stage. Whether it's wielding a paintbrush in our sunlit art studio, delving into thought-provoking book club discussions or finding inner peace at our onsite yoga studio, your pursuits become our priority. Our staff anticipates your needs with an intuitive touch. Unwind in your thoughtfully designed apartment, where meticulous housekeeping and maintenance vanish seamlessly into the background. We orchestrate every detail, allowing you the freedom to indulge in personal fulfillment. This is not simply senior living; it's an exclusive chapter crafted for a life well-lived. Learn more about independent living.

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The 501 - Amenities - Assisted Living Lobby
Assisted living

Imagine your life, masterfully curated, at The 501. Personalized assistance empowers you to continue your journey with ease and on your own terms. Immerse yourself in a world where independence is cherished, and support seamlessly blends into the background. Our team, with their unwavering compassion, tailors their assistance to your unique needs and preferences. Whether it's engaging in cultural pursuits or simply enjoying the serenity of your private apartment, we ensure every moment is orchestrated to help you flourish. Forget the constraints of routine assistance. At The 501, we assess your individual needs, crafting a personalized plan that empowers you to retain your autonomy and dignity. From discreet reminders to attentive assistance, every detail is carefully considered, ensuring you experience life with grace. Learn more about assisted living.

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The 501 - Amenities - Art Studio
Connections memory care

At The 501, navigating the complexities of memory care becomes a journey of dignified support. Connections, our bespoke program for those navigating Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia, embodies the Teepa Snow Positive Approach® to Care. This philosophy elevates beyond mere physical assistance, embarking on a path of meaningful interactions that spark joy, ignite self-worth and nurture deep connection. Our highly trained staff curate a personalized tapestry of enriching programs that cater to the cognitive, emotional, and social well-being of each resident. Learn more about Connections Memory Care.

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Parkinson's disease care

Living with Parkinson's doesn't mean relinquishing your vibrant life. At The 501, we understand the unique challenges you face and offer a specialized program that empowers you to thrive on your own terms. Forget cookie-cutter solutions. Our highly trained team creates a personalized, holistic plan tailored to your individual needs and aspirations. We promote independence and dignity, encouraging you to actively participate in life through engaging fitness and nutritional programs and evidence-based therapies, such as LSVT BIG® and LSVT LOUD®.

The 501 - Amenities - Courtyard
Short-term, respite and restorative stays

At The 501, rediscover your strength and well-being with unparalleled care and support. Our community pairs comfort with personalized therapies designed to accelerate your healing journey. Whether you seek physical, occupational, or speech therapy, our highly trained specialists create a customized program tailored to your “Unique2U” needs and recovery goals. And for caregivers in need of interim coverage, The 501 offers a sanctuary of respite. Entrust your loved one to our compassionate and professional team, who provide regular updates and seamless communication, so you can recharge and return with renewed strength. Learn more about short-term stays.

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