Daylesford Crossing Resources

  1. Events

    Elegance Uncorked

     Thursday, October 19, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Raise a glass to a sampling of the Daylesford Crossing lifestyle. Uncork a delightful experience as you join us…
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  2. Press & News

    SageLife in the News – Delivering Results for Individuals with Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders

    Learn more about how the programs at Daylesford Crossing benefit residents, with links to articles posted by MyChesco and
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  3. Resources for Families

    The Importance of Senior Living Assessments & How They Help Determine Level of Care

    Senior living communities conduct needs assessments to provide the best possible care for incoming residents. Not only will a needs assessment ensure the…
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  4. Press & News

    Dementia Support Group at Daylesford Crossing

    You are not alone. Helping to care for someone with dementia can be challenging and exhausting. A support group can give you the reassurance you need to reduce…
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  5. Press & News

    Move for Life – Live Well at Every Age and Stage

    In the video below, meet Butch Santosuosso and physical therapist Tessa Taylor of Daylesford Crossing’s ‘Move for Life’ program which focuses on…
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  6. Resources for Families

    Respite Care Helps Seniors Maintain Independence Following A Medical Event

    According to The Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA), one in every six US adults assists in the care of an elderly family member or relative while also being…
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  7. Press & News

    Beating Parkinson’s to the Punch

    “Take care of it today and you have it tomorrow,” says Daylesford Crossing resident Phil Leever. Phil’s late wife extracted a promise from…
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  8. Press & News

    Watch our Parkinson’s Disease Webinar Replay

    Daylesford Crossing recently hosted this special webinar by geriatric physical therapist Dr. Jennifer Brown. Dr. Brown is a partner in Daylesford’s…
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  9. Press & News

    A Custom Approach to Parkinson’s Care

    A Holistic Perspective At Daylesford Crossing, we take a holistic approach to treating seniors with Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders. We…
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  10. Press & News

    Nutrition at Daylesford Crossing

    Our Approach to Nutrition Getting the nutrition you need is essential to maintaining your overall health during every stage of your Parkinson’s journey. When…
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