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Being inspired never gets old! Mind, body and spirit thrive when you take part in new events and activities that offer refreshment, inspiration and joy. The power of you is about having choices; be quiet one day and join in a new experience the next. Wherever you want to be, whatever you want to do — we’re right there with you, cheering you on, supporting you and eager to share what’s next. We’re also here for you with free transportation to take you shopping, to a museum or to a worship service. Just say the word.

Events and activities our residents enjoy, include:

  • Live entertainment
  • Crafting
  • Worship services
  • Shopping trips
  • Happy Hour
  • Ice cream socials
  • Movie nights
  • Game nights
  • Holiday gatherings where everyone can enjoy a meal together (family included!)

MOSIAC lifestyle

MOSAIC is our dynamic lifestyle expression. It includes six fundamental tenets. Activities at The Maples are built around this framework to provide an enriching approach to living every single day.

Exercise … dance … sports. Our bodies were designed to move, and the rewards of an active lifestyle are reflected in body, mind and spirit.


Giving of ourselves, our time and talent, benefits others and returns a dividend in the form of happiness and sense of purpose.


We don’t just enjoy one another — we need one another. Frequent engagement with others promotes emotional and mental health and enhances longevity.


Humans are hard-wired to crave beauty. The visual and performing arts give us an outlet for creativity — for making or appreciating art.


Never stop learning. Staying mentally active is a critical component of active aging. Challenging ourselves with new ideas sharpens the mind.


The freedom to explore may be the most rewarding aspect of retirement — being able to follow your inquisitive mind down whichever path it leads.

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