Exercise and nutrition for seniors with Parkinson's Disease

Seniors Exercise

Parkinson’s and movement disorders

When you choose sophisticated living at Daylesford Crossing, you’ll find a personalized approach to managing your Parkinson’s or movement disorder symptoms. Our skilled care team will meet you where you are in your journey and customize every aspect of daily life to address your unique needs.

More than this, our care teams coordinate with each other to ensure that you receive the attention to detail which you deserve in every aspect: our dining staff can even provide weighted utensils if they’d help you enjoy a meal.

Our support extends beyond our residents. We offer family support programs and groups to help you navigate your loved one’s diagnosis and changing needs.

It’s the power of individualized care.

Nutrition customized for you


Daylesford Crossing residents choose from a wide selection of healthy food options at every meal. Our registered dieticians may recommend a diet rich in nutrients and fiber, which may help offset the symptoms of Parkinson’s or other movement disorders. We’ll also work with you to create a menu that meets any special dietary considerations your prescription medications may require.

Maintaining mobility and strength

Seniors Mobility Exercise

Physical activity plays a vital role in helping maintain mobility and balance when you are living with a movement disorder. Our movement team will customize an exercise program for you with our onsite physical, occupational and speech therapists. All therapists are certified in the LSVT Big and Loud programs designed specifically for people living with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders. Classes such as chair yoga and dance are also available to keep you moving.

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