Proceed (with Caution)!

Masking up and branching out…we’ve reintroduced group trips, indoor visiting, and community dining.

Careful planning, universal testing, and responsive adaptation have been the keys to safely managing Covid at Daylesford Crossing while maintaining an engaged lifestyle.

SageLife founder and President Kelly Andress was interviewed about our response to the pandemic:

“Crises test leadership. The professionalism of our staff has been incredible, with a singular focus on our responsibility to take care of our residents AND associates, because we are intergenerationally linked, as is the entire community.

In addition, our new reality is we have to change month to month and operate in a manner that adjusts to people’s preferences – just like the world at large. We have been through the lock down, but now we are open again. That means being all things to all people. Some residents and families really want to be out and about, while others remain hesitant. So we are open for some folks, and remain supportive of those who are more reserved.”

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