How to Safely Move Your Family Member into a Senior Living Community During COVID-19

At Chestnut Ridge Wallingford, we are always committed to the health and safety of our community and residents. Since March, our efforts and commitment to cleanliness and health has ramped up, allowing for family members to safely move their loved ones into our Personal Care and Memory Care community. 

Over these last nine months, diligence and planning has resulted in lower Covid positives within our community than in the towns and counties around us.

Residents of Chestnut Ridge will receive the Covid-19 vaccine during the first phase of distribution. New residents who move in before our second vaccination session will also receive the vaccine. 

Though we have successfully adapted to all the necessary precautions while still offering an engaged lifestyle to our residents, we look forward to a day when we may return to our normal lifestyle.

Safety Guidelines in Place

We have maintained our thorough cleaning and sanitation practices and increased the frequency of sanitization of all frequently-touched surfaces throughout the community. We screen all staff and visitors who come into our community, including requiring appropriate PPE and temperature checks, and we enforcing social distancing. Of course, we are also following the universal guideline of proper handwashing.

We conduct regular, universal  Covid-19 testing of residents and staff – the most important way to stay on top of any individual cases and prevent an outbreak.

Our safety guidelines allow for an easy move-in for our residents. Your loved one will be given space to remain socially distanced and safe. 

Our staff will ensure that your loved one receives the attention and support they need to adjust to their new home.

Choosing Senior Living

We know that the health and safety of your family is the most important factor to selecting a senior living community and it is our highest priority. We pride ourselves on our diligence in maintaining a clean environment where you can feel comfortable that your family member is safe and well cared for.

Are you thinking about moving a loved one into senior living? This quick quiz on our website is a great tool to provide more information for you.

For further information or to discuss your move-in options with, schedule time to speak with our care team today! We look forward to speaking with you!