Gifts From The Heart

During the holiday season, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the gift buying fervor. It can be fun to browse around and select a special trinket for someone special, but often that same item may end up all too quickly collecting dust on a shelf. This year, give some extra thought to a truly heartfelt gift that reflects how much you care about the recipient. An experiential or thoughtful handmade gift can leave a lasting memory forever. To get you started, here are some ideas for gifts from the heart.

Share a Favorite Family Recipe 
For people who love to cook or bake, a cherished recipe – especially one that brings back memories of a special meal – may be the thing that really tugs at their heartstrings. Consider sharing your dad’s famous chili recipe or your grandmother’s apple pie recipe. You could even cook a serving of the delicious treat and deliver it along with the recipe card. Another idea is to compile a book with favorite recipes that you’ve collected over the years.This will be a practical keepsake that will be used over and over again.

Knit a Scarf, Blanket or Sweater
If you like to knit, share your love for that craft with someone special by knitting them an accessory or article of clothing. Select the softest yarn you can find in their favorite colors. Your recipient will think of you every time they wrap up in their cozy gift. And, it’s a gift that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Plant a Windowsill Garden 
Gardening doesn’t have to entail hard physical work. Set-up a small interior windowsill garden for someone special. It’s a great way to “bring the outdoors in” and give someone a little bit of beauty that they can enjoy every day. Create a collection of low-maintenance colorful flowers or herbs that can be enjoyed year-round.

Create a Memory Collection
Photo albums are among the most treasured and lasting gifts. Consider creating a collection of photos and memorabilia that can be enjoyed and also shared with family and friends. You might also include some personal journaling in the album. This is the type of gift that will be passed down through the generations, making it both a holiday gift and a family heirloom.

Unleash Your Creativity 
Consider making a handmade ornament, a stenciled photo frame or a sketch of a scene from a family trip. Other ideas are to write a poem or short story, pen a letter recalling a favorite shared memory or gift a recording of yourself singing or playing an instrument. These are all unique gifts that enable you to share a part of yourself.

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