Engaging Seniors Connects, Catalyzes and Changes Lives

Many seniors fear that transitioning into a senior living community means losing touch with friends and loved ones. They have well-justified concerns of leaving behind the active lifestyle and hobbies they’ve enjoyed while living independently.

Here at Chestnut Ridge Wallingford, the opposite could not be more true. We offer seniors a thriving environment to build and strengthen relationships every day.

Our meaningful activities and social events are the perfect catalyst for seniors to connect with others. Group activities, such as art classes, cooking courses, or weekly shopping and dining outings provide seniors with avenues to stay active and engage the mind, body, and spirit. Meanwhile, our “Wine and Cheese Wednesdays”, “Chat and Chews”, and walking club are just a few ways your loved one can connect on a more intimate level, one-on-one with others.

We intentionally engage seniors in purposeful ways, through a variety of ever-evolving daily options for dining, activity, and socialization. Our residents experience the empowerment of life-enhancing, intellectual stimulation, creative engagement, and a healthy sense of self-fulfillment. By transforming Chestnut Ridge Wallingford into a vibrant and robust community, we’ve alleviated the fear that most seniors have when choosing a new home environment.

While many seniors resist the idea of making a move, once they join us at Chestnut Ridge Wallingford, they find themselves sharing, “I wish I had done this sooner!”

Tour our enriching community with your loved one today and ask to chat with some residents about why Chestnut Ridge Wallingford is the ideal choice.