Artfully Crafted Decorating Ideas for Your New Space

When seniors make the decision to move to a retirement living community, they often anticipate an array of services and amenities, access to care, new opportunities to engage and make new friends and the chance to enjoy life as worry-free as possible. However, many times, they don’t think of the new creative opportunities that lie ahead, specifically in creating their new space.

For example, when you make the move to a retirement living community, you are often walking into a new living space that is your own blank slate. This means you have the unique opportunity to create not only the life you want to live, but decorate your brand-new living space how you please as well, offering an even more exciting opportunity to create an artfully crafted lifestyle. 

“Moving to a retirement living community is exciting for seniors because they can live each day carefree while enjoying the freedom to live as they choose. This includes creating the living space they desire,” says Beth Burns, Community Relations Associate of Artisan at Hudson, a retirement living community located in Hudson, Massachusetts. “Many times, seniors have lived in the same house for years and haven’t redecorated, adapted it over time or made it reflect who they are as a person. With a move to retirement living, all of that changes. From the floor plan they choose to the furniture they bring, how they choose to decorate and how they style their belongings, they are able to make their space their own safe haven complete with everything they love, treasure and enjoy. This not only provides a nice way to showcase your life to your new friends, but it also makes the transition to a retirement living community even easier and more thrilling!” 

Tips for Decorating Your New Space

At Artisan at Hudson, many of our residents came in with an idea of how they wanted to decorate, maximize their space and create their own perfect home. Others, however, needed some slight assistance to get going. To help make it easier for you, we’re sharing some of the top ways that we, as well as our residents, have built artfully crafted living spaces!

  • Get a good feel for the layout of your space. With an array of floor plans, layouts and options available, it’s important to look into everything that is available to you. Whether you choose a studio apartment, one with a den, one that features two bedrooms and two bathrooms or another option, it’s going to be important to know how much space you will have, what rooms you’ll have available to decorate and what items you’ll need to help you plan your perfect design. Whether this means you’ll need to visit in person or take a virtual tour, this will be crucial information and will assist you in creating the perfect space.
  • Plan what you will need to bring. Make a list of the rooms you’ll be able to decorate, what items you may be able to bring from your house and what you will likely need to buy. Many seniors have favorite items they simply don’t want to leave at their house, artwork that they cherish and knick-knacks that have fond memories. Having a list will keep you organized, make packing, moving and unpacking easier and will also help to keep you from over-purchasing items.  
  • Fill your walls with what and who you love. From photographs of friends and family to treasured places, scenes and artwork from famous painters, the right art can truly make a house feel unique and warm. Would photographs of your family vacations brighten up your living room? Would your favorite painter’s works make your guest bedroom feel more boutique? Are there items you would like to display? The right pictures, shelving and displays can do a lot in creating your ideal space and achieving the look you’re going for. 
  • Don’t forget to dress up the coffee table. Whether you love to read magazines, do puzzles, entertain or host friends, your coffee table can say a lot about you. If you’re into reading, add some of your favorite books to your table. If you love entertaining, keep a candy bowl or tea set ready and waiting for guests. These little touches can make a big difference. 
  • Add plants. There is something about having a little bit of nature in your space that can brighten it up! Add a pot of flowers to your coffee table, place a potted tree on your terrace or balcony, grow your own spices in your kitchen and keep fresh flowers on the table! This is likely to bring joy to your day while enhancing your décor.  

For more information on decorating your new space, or to get a preview into how our residents have made their space unique and reflective of who they are, contact us today. We would be happy to provide you with additional ideas, information and tips to achieve the look, feel and design you’re looking for in your new space. It’s all part of our artfully crafted lifestyle! 

Discover more about luxury retirement living and how Artisan at Hudson can help you experience retirement living perfected! Call (978) 212-9353 for information today!

Discover an Artfully Crafted Lifestyle

Located in Hudson, Massachusetts, Artisan at Hudson offers distinctive, rental retirement living designed to give residents everything they want and need. With the convenience of transportation, multiple dining venues, a fitness center, underground parking and several supportive lifestyles on campus, combined with our empowering programs to enhance well-being and so much more, we can provide you with an artfully crafted retirement lifestyle.

Artisan at Hudson is a community where residents can create their own journey, with more opportunities, more convenience, more choices and even more wow, all in a beautiful, modern setting equipped with everything you need to live well. Think a variety of open floor plans, upgraded appliances and refined finishes along with carefree and worry-free living. It’s all within your reach.