Armchair Travel Offers Adventures In Place

Travel inspires curiosity, breaks down cultural barriers and can have a significant impact on the traveler’s perceptions and views about the world. It can also educate, stimulate the brain and create a sense of adventure. The loss of a travel partner or struggles with mobility issues can hinder the ability to travel for some older adults. Fortunately, technology now makes “armchair travel” possible – a method to discover the world without the hassles and exhaustion of travel. Enjoy our tips for armchair travel, and start exploring today! 

Explore Live Travel Webcams
Wildlife and travel destinations around the world have setup live webcams, giving virtual visitors the opportunity to take a worldwide armchair trip around the world. From venturing high in the mountains to taking a dive underwater, webcams are everywhere. Best of all, webcams capture the beauty and drama of life unfolding at this very moment somewhere else on the planet, instead of a photo which captures one moment in time. For example, the live North Pole webcam enables armchair visitors to experience the stark white wilderness of the North Pole. Here are a few more exciting examples: 

Peruse Online Travel Magazines and Blogs
With access to the Internet, the sky’s the limit when it comes to armchair travel. Publications like National GeographicAfar and Travel + Leisure offer a range of articles with beautiful photography highlighting the local food, culture, history, fashion and outdoor adventure of exotic destinations around the world. There are also dozens of emotive and descriptive online travel blogs and a number of topics and authored by people with differing points of view. Exploring online magazines and blogs is a great way to uncover awe-inspiring photographs and personal anecdotes that can bring a travel destination to life. 

Discover Adventure in a Book
One of the best ways to discover a new destination is the old-fashioned way – by opening a travel book. Whether gazing at the glossy images in a coffee table book, perusing an interesting guidebook or reading an engaging travel journal written by an adventurer, exploring places around the world through the written word can satisfy a taste for adventure. The local library is a great source for travel books and it may even offer classes or lectures about travel destinations.

Browse YouTube
YouTube is a video streaming service that compiles just about everything under the sun in video form. It’s simple to use and can be a lot of fun to explore. For example, to see a French chef make coq au vin, simply search for the topic on YouTube and choose from the resulting list of video choices. Make a wish list of places to “visit” and start searching.

Have a Party
A fun way to embark on an armchair travel journey is to invite friends and family to join and make it a social event. Choose a destination and plan a theme get-together with food, decorations and even trivia questions related to the location of choice. Participants will enjoy exploring a new place and learning something new.

Find Armchair Travel Friends
Any type of travel, including “armchair travel”, is more fun with a companion or two (or more). Even a virtual trip can be a powerful shared experience. Having a travel group can also expose each member to new destinations that they may not have considered or found on their own. At The Maples Of Towson there are always neighbors on hand to share experiences. Our community fosters a lifestyle with plentiful social interaction and exploration of interests. In addition, our staff are always on hand for support, meaning that nearly any interest can be pursued adaptively. Contact The Maples Of Towson to learn more or to schedule a tour.