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  1. Events

    Backyard BBQ Bash at Artisan

    Come see what’s cooking at Artisan this summer! Join us at our Backyard BBQ Bash on Wednesday, June 21 from 4 – 6 p.m.
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  2. Press & News

    7 Warm-Weather Activities in Hudson, MA

    At Artisan at Hudson, we’re always excited when summer rolls around. We understand how much residents love getting out and about, whether in nature or in…
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  3. Press & News

    Artisan Walks to End Alzheimer’s

    The Artisan at Hudson Team adds their flower to the fight against Alzheimer’s with its committment to participate in the 2023 Alzheimer’s…
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  4. Resources for Families

    How To Communicate With Someone With Dementia

    Experiencing memory loss is difficult and overwhelming for both the person with dementia as well as their loved ones. Dementia comes in many forms, including…
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  5. Resources for Families

    Decorating Ideas To Make Your Senior Living Apartment Feel Like Home

    Moving to a senior living community can come with changes, but you don’t have to sacrifice the comfortable, at-home feel you currently have. At Artisan at…
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  6. Resources for Families

    Tips For Seniors To Fight Fatigue And Increase Energy

    Fatigue and energy loss can be discouraging for everyone, especially seniors. It’s like walking up a steep hill: energy quickly dissipates while the…
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  7. Press & News

    How Assisted Living Helps Your Parent with Daily Activities

    Maintaining independence is important for older adults. It allows them to feel in control of their lives and in turn, promotes physical and cognitive…
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  8. Press & News

    The Ultimate Checklist for Touring a Senior Living Community

    Have you reached a point in life where you or a loved one is considering moving to a senior living community? As we age, needs and priorities change, so it…
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  9. Press & News

    The Difference Between Renting and Buying in Senior Living

    Throughout the aging process, you’ve probably heard about different types of senior living communities – independent living, assisted living and memory…
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  10. Press & News

    The Importance of Physical Therapy in Assisted Living

    As you age, it’s normal to experience physical and cognitive decline. When living at home becomes difficult, assisted living could be the next best step for…
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