Welcome to The Maples

The Maples is home to older adults looking for an inclusive concept of care that lets them live life on their terms. At The Maples, we know needs and desires can change, but care, comfort and convenience never will. You’ll stay connected to the community you love and the friends and family you cherish. We work hard to keep you living to the power of you with a lifestyle that’s as unique as you are.

At the Maples of Towson assisted living community, we’ve offered care you can trust for more than 25 years. Now, our new residential location in Towson’s Stoneleigh neighborhood allows us to provide a dedicated, boutique-sized memory care environment. At Stoneleigh we offer everything the community has come to expect from The Maples, with a focus on the needs of those living with dementia.


    Sometimes even active seniors need a bridge to keep them going strong on the journey. Assisted living connects you to the appropriate level of care to help you stay well — on your schedule, in your own way. It’s the power of support.

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    We approach memory care holistically and tailor it to your loved one’s needs. Just as important: Knowing your loved one can still enjoy times of happiness, we do all we can to help create those moments. It’s the power of celebrating life.

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    Return to the best of who you are after rehab or a medical treatment. Here, you’ll feel refreshed. Here, you can refocus on the life you love. It’s the power of recovery.

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Living to the power of you at The Maples

Apartment features

This is your world — let’s make you comfortable in it! You’ll discover a cozy environment with the unique architectural features of a beloved home at The Maples. Both of our intimate communities offer spacious apartments with a floor plan to suit every need and taste.

Things to do

At The Maples, you can thrive and grow at any age and stage in life. Whether you enjoy piano concerts or joining your friends for a happy hour, there’s always something to look forward to.

Health & wellness

Living life on your own terms is vital, especially when your lifestyle needs to change. Our inclusive care system offers a full spectrum of support at every age and stage of life.


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