Health & wellness: the power of you at your best

When you become part of Chestnut Ridge, you become family. That’s not just something we say. It’s something we live every day. After all, family takes care of family. And that means a spectrum of care — not only for the body but for the mind and spirit as well. Whether a resident is a member of our personal care or memory care families, we treat them with dignity, respect and friendliness.

At Chestnut Ridge, senior health and wellness is all about providing support, a healthy diet, personalized exercise, attention to mental health and much more. We want our seniors to have all the privacy and independence they want. But there’s always a caring staff to lend a helping hand when needed.

Personal care

Sometimes even active seniors need a hand to keep them going strong on the journey. Personal care at Chestnut Ridge connects you to the appropriate level of care to help you stay well. It’s the power of support.

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Memory care

We approach memory care holistically and tailor it to your loved one’s needs. Just as important: knowing your loved one can still enjoy times of happiness, we do all we can to help create those moments. It’s the power of celebrating life.

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Respite & restorative stays

Return to the best of who you are after rehab or a medical treatment. Here, you’ll feel refreshed. Here, you can refocus on the life you love. And for caregivers who also need to care for themselves, respite care offers their loved ones a safe, nurturing environment. That’s the power of recovery and rest.

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